Lantz's Steakhouse

Featured Appetizers

  • Garlic cheese curds
  • spicy cheese curds
  • cheddar cheese curds
  • breaded avocado
  • chicken gizzards 
  • spicy pickle fries
  • southwest street corn dip and chips

wednesday lunch

  • Lantz’s bullrack sandwich
  • prime rib sliders
  • prime rib sandwich
  • chicken mushroom swiss on a hoagie
  • ribeye wrap
  • chicken fried steak lunch
  • beast burger
  • firehouse burger
  • chicken caesar salad
  • smokehouse burger

wednesday night

  • beast burger
  • prime rib sandwich (sold out)
  • prime rib french dip
  • smokehouse burger
  • firehouse burger
  • grilled bang bang shrimp
  • swiss chicken and mushroom sandwich
  • Ribeye Wrap
  • 16oz loaded ribeye with sauteed mushrooms

Tap Beers and Drink Features

  • fresh strawberry or lime margaritas
  • Scratchtown Honey Twin dipa
  • Kinkaider herd law honey wheat
  • pabst blue ribbon on tap
  • Blue moon on tap
  • Samual adams cold snap on tap
  • jalapeno strawberry margarita
  • Fresh lime mojito
  • Thunder Punch Cherry or Grape (brewed in Axtell Nebraska)
  • Wine:  Sugar by jams…  this is a must try
  • blonde fatal:  Brewed in Iowa, this is good stuff here!